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Adopt A Pet And Save A Life


Adopting a pet is equal to saving a life. You are thinking about how? Let me simplify it for you. In the United States, there are millions of adoptable dogs and cats. Few of those pets are being adopted. Among them, 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized annually. According to ASPCA, There are approximately 6.5 million animals that enter U.S. animal shelters every year. Of those, 3.3 million are dogs, and 3.2 million are cats. Among those, only 1.5 million shelter animals find homes every year—670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats. 

There are animal shelters, but space is limited, so staff members have to decide which animals are to be euthanized. Recently, during the lockdowns, there has been a spike in animal adoptions. If this goes on then, we will see a sudden decrease in euthanized animals. 

Adopting also helps weaken the overpopulated cycle of animals. You tend to get house-trained pets, choosing from different types and appearances of the animals. Adopting will soon stop the cruelty in mass breeding facilities, too.

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In New Mexico, Animal Services provide an open house on Sundays and feature $1.00 adoptions. If you visit on Sundays, you might get the wonderful chance of meeting your best companion. Hurry up! If you visit their Facebook page, you will be flooded with pictures of puppies and dogs of all sizes. If you tap on any picture, it will provide detailed descriptions, including their cage number and impound number. This album is updated regularly, so there is a guarantee of the information being correct. Owners can reclaim pets within four days after they have been impounded before it goes up for adoption.

Suppose you’re interested in cats—they have them too! No need to worry. These furry feline friends are waiting for your company. You just need to visit the Facebook page and tap on your favorite pet. You have all the information starting from pound numbers to their history.

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The shelters are open now and do not require any appointments. However, you are required to maintain social distancing, proper hygiene, and masks are mandatory. The shelter will be restricted, allowing only five people in the lobby. It is only for visitors and completing the paperwork.

People who hurt animals don’t stop with animals. There is an established connection between cruelty toward animals and humans, referred to as “The Link.” This Link creates an urgency to strengthen and take charges of abuse seriously. Serious steps must be taken for the sake of both animals and people. 

It has been found that the level of cruelty to animals has increased innumerably over the past years. We have witnessed a drastic spike, just as we have seen in the record of rapes and murders. In 2020, there was a rapid increase in animal cruelty. From hunting to beating and humiliating, incidents like illegal cruelties and intentional harm to wild animals have been reported in March (194), April (241), and May (381). 

In the lockdown period, some people looked for these so-called savage ideas to pass the time. Many people try to find pleasure through these brutal crime incidents towards animals.  

Rescuing a pet is the most heartwarming job that any person can do. Many pets require loving homes across the U.S. New York is the only state trying to give back to the needy ones in shelters. The new law under consideration in New York would credit a $125 surcharge to those who adopt pets. It would encourage more people to adopt animals that require homes instead of buying them from breeders. If the Bill passes, it would be a great success in helping out animals in need of homes. Many are hoping that this Bill passes and that other states also follow in their footsteps.


Pets lead us to a lot of joy and happiness in our lives. Having a pet secures a circle of love in you and your family’s lives. You and your pet share an impeccable bond that can’t be put into words. This dynamic relationship of the human-animal bond is full of mutual benefits. Animals are the best companions. 

Animals and human interaction play a significant role in the overall welfare of each. Animals might not speak, but they can understand what you say, what you feel, and they frequently stay by your side. They will stay with you no matter what. Animals serve as a source of comfort, support, and friendship. 

Through adoption, you will get a great companion, and they will receive a loving family and home. Moreover, the biggest benefit is that you save a life, and they will fulfill your needs even before you look for them. Animals have no complaints or demands. They will still love you if you forget to take him for a walk or put his food in the bowl at the right time. We humans actually do not deserve them.


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