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Animals Do Not Have Christmas Spirit


Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year. It is the festival that toasts the birthday of Jesus Christ. Although it is a Christian festival, people from different communities celebrate it with great pomp and grandeur. An artificial pine tree is decorated with colorful lights, artificial stars, flowers, toys, and bells. 

Christmas is celebrated across the globe. Churches are decorated with lights during the holiday, and people hang star lanterns to mark the beginning of the festive season. Every member of the family sits and prays together to praise Jesus Christ.

Everyone is so excited about Christmas, but some pets are not in the spirit of celebrating Christmas. I am talking about our funny pets that get lethargic at the holiday. Although their owners thrive in festive moods, animals do not feel the same Christmas spirit.

Cats get tired and feel lazy in the Christmas season; one example can be seen in the photo after the church cat has evicted the baby Jesus from the manger. It seems to be funny, yet weird. However, the owners are all ready to begin the festivities of the season.


Dogs also tend to get indolent during this season too. They don’t feel the enthralling vibes of Santa Claus. They just hate it. For example, this dog’s reaction is very pathetic, but also funny, when he wears a sweater during Christmas. Expecting one thing and getting another in return almost breaks everyone’s heart. It’s not only human beings with feelings; pets have them, too. They also need someone to pacify their emotions.


Here is another funny incident where a cat has ripped open all of the presents at Christmas. His face looks like he’s tired of this event. What seems to be so interesting and cool for us turns out to be dull and monotonous for them. 


Giant pandas seem to have mastered the art of leisure. They are too lazy and don’t move much. When they do, it’s usually to eat. Now, for the first time, researchers have measured the amount of energy that pandas use daily. They are too lazy to go for a walk; they only move to fill their stomachs. Pandas eat large quantities of bamboo, from 9 kg to 18 kg a day. This diet is low in nutrients, so pandas need to slow things down. The pandas are not used to the sultry Christmas season. 


As the Christmas season approaches, reindeer are being transported up and down the country to be used as entertainment in parades, “Santa’s workshops,” and other festive events. Such events attract large numbers of people, which can cause distress to reindeer. This becomes extremely tiring and unnerving for them. This is one of the pivotal reasons reindeer are not in the spirit of the Christmas season.


Removing reindeer from their natural habitat and keeping them in captivity in this way causes noteworthy health and welfare issues. According to many studies at the Veterinary Laboratories Agency, this seems to be connected to the recent increase in deaths of young reindeer. This includes seven reindeer who died from liver and gut flukes and others who died from lung disease on a farm near Winchester. Other reindeer are bred in captivity in the UK specifically to be used in some seasonal festivities. They are typically kept in unsuitable conditions, completely different from their natural habitat.

While the weather outside may indeed get dreadful this Christmas season, a parka, knit hat, wool socks, insulated boots, and maybe a roaring fire make things bearable for people who live in cold climates. But what about all the wildlife out there? This is the biggest reason why pets hate Christmas. We all know that Christmas is all about winter. We tend to enjoy the magic and chilly season—animals in this season like to switch to the mode of hibernation.


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