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Furry Friends Love Their Pregnant Humans


Pets, especially dogs and cats, are very good at observing and sensing the changes in their surroundings. Though we don’t have any scientific evidence that confirms it, pets can sense their owner’s pregnancies. There are plenty of instances that somehow prove the fact that your pet can discern your pregnancy. This sense of understanding is hidden within dogs and cats. 

Your pets might not understand that a newborn baby will be introduced to the family in nine months. Yet dogs and cats notice the little differences in your posture, work, mood, behavior, chemistry, and body language. These small changes in your daily routine give them a hint of your present condition.

The unconditional love and loyalty that a pet gives are impeccable, which gives immense happiness to the pet and the human. Here are some of the incidents that depict the love and attachment of some pets to their loved pregnant humans:

  • Pit’s owner shared a picture showing that the pit has become extraordinarily affectionate and attached to the pet owner’s sister since she became pregnant.
  • His cat is admiring his wife’s pregnancy. 
  • When his wife got pregnant, her cat, Copernicus, started favoring her more. Their cat is now more concerned and fond of her.
  • Her cat is cuddling her tummy, and the picture is captioned: “My cat finally accepts that I’m pregnant.”
  • Her dog never leaves her alone. She is eight months pregnant, and he is still worried about her.
  • Her cat didn’t cuddle with her until she was pregnant.
  • She is pregnant, and her dog won’t stop staring at her. This is so cute.
  • Her dog knows about her pregnancy.
  • Her cat has become obsessed with her from the day she became pregnant. She was not so attached before the pregnancy. By the way, she is enjoying her sudden attention.
  • Her friend is pregnant, and her dog doesn’t leave her side. Took this photo the other day.
  • His girlfriend is pregnant and having a bumpy morning. According to their dog, this might help her.
  • Her puppy loves the baby bump. How lovingly they are sleeping! Too cute!!
  • Her Rottweiler pup slept, hugging her tummy.
  • His cats somehow examined all the changed factors and have known about his wife’s pregnancy and “every day…… like a magnet.”
  • Before anyone knew that she was pregnant, her cat, Cletus, knew that she was carrying a baby in her tummy.
  • The mew is so possessive about her, and she is like, “Mine all mine.”
  • The dog is staring at her so adorably—the perfect look of love and care.
  • Her dog is so curious. The look in the picture says it all. “What’s inside her tummy?”  
  • The cat seems to warm her tummy, successfully doing his duty.
  • No one dares to touch her bump: bodyguard mode is on!

 It’s quite obvious that your dogs get in their alert mode and become overprotective, sometimes over-possessive of their loved human being from the very initial stage of her pregnancy. Many times, dogs behaved nicely with other family members. Then, they start barking, growling, or even blocking doors for the family members, as well as for the baby’s father. Other dogs give constant attention, which is more than usual days. In some instances, we have seen a woman having difficulty in pregnancy, was incomplete bed rest, and her dog refused to leave her alone.

Whereas cats are not so socially involved, cats are less expected to go through these sorts of behavioral changes. There are many ranges of reports about cats’ behavior from fully disinterested to more loving and protective. Though, if you don’t receive any response from your cat during your pregnancy, try not to neglect them as they become aggressive or may act strangely, like urinating in improper places.

To prevent those unexpected problematic behaviors in your pets, try to stick to your pre-pregnancy routine. Pets need more attention and love so try to let them understand that you still love them. Please be cautious about your body language as they are very smart and can understand everything. Open arms suggest “welcoming” or “come here.” Sometimes, unconsciously, pregnant women place their hands over their stomachs, and this denotes “step back.” 

If your pets start misbehaving seriously and beyond control, try to consult a professional trainer. If everything goes well, having pets during pregnancy and after delivery is an excellent thing for both you and your baby. It is very safe for pregnant moms and for newborn babies to be around pets. If your pet is healthy and up-to-date on its vaccinations, caring for the pet would not cause any difficulties for you during your pregnancy or after your delivery. Of course, the safety around pets depends on the different types of pets. Studies and research conclude that having domesticated pets in your household is beneficial for your health, as it reduces depression, improves your mood, decreases your blood pressure level, and even increases your life span. These furry friends shower you with unconditional love and loyalty, which makes your life wonderful. 


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