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How To Keep Your Pets Hydrated


Water is the primary source of life on earth. At this moment, hydration is the pivotal key to stay healthy. Whether it is summer or winter, your body needs to be hydrated all the time. Water aids in removing all the toxic elements from the body, thus having clear skin and a healthy body. 

As we all know, water is beneficial for all living creatures, from human beings to animals. Therefore, keeping your pets hydrated is as important as keeping yourself hydrated. Your pet will stay fit if it consumes enough water throughout the day. We have often seen pets that do not visit their water bowls enough. Dehydration affects our health, energy levels, and makes us less productive; the same goes for pets, too. To keep your pets happy, energetic, and healthy, you must track exactly how much water they are drinking and if they are meeting their daily water goals or not.

Here are a few ways to keep your pets hydrated:

  • Fill water bowls frequently:

If you continually fill their water bowls, there is a good chance your pet will meet their daily water requirements. Change their water frequently since fresh water seems to be more tempting to your pets. Automatic refillable bowls for pets are also available. This will keep your pet’s bowl filled, so you won’t need to worry. Deep clean the bowls at least once a week to remove hair and germs from the bowl.

  • Use extra water bowls: 

If we talk about dogs, we can say that they are quite lazy. Going for a walk, run, hike, or playing may leave them without the energy to walk to their water bowls. Try to keep extra few water bowls around the house as this might help them keep themselves hydrated. You can keep some of the water bowls near their favorite places. This will provide more opportunities for your pets to stay hydrated.

  • Try a water fountain:

If your pet’s water bowls aren’t doing the job because the water isn’t alluring to them, then try the water fountain. Fresh flowing water tempts pets to drink. The continuous flow of fresh water is very attractive to pets, which will help them get enough water daily. The water fountain comes with filtration facilities to keep the water clean, remove unwanted particles and hair, so don’t forget the filters. Always replace your filters every two to four weeks, depending on the number of pets, and check the fountain daily to ensure that it’s functioning correctly.

  • Use portable water bowls and bottles

The most crucial reason for pets’ dehydration is not carrying enough water for your pets when you are outside. Make sure to bring the proper amount of water for them. Symptoms that suggest that your dog is thirsty are a dry nose, panting heavily, and sluggish motion. Please don’t wait for them to show dehydration signs. Hydrate them whenever and wherever they need to. Carry portable water bottles and bowls. If the symptoms are not enough to understand, then gently lift your pet’s skin and check. If the skin falls quickly back into place, your pet is hydrated, while if it is stiff and doesn’t return to the same position, your pet is dehydrated. Also, healthy gums are available to check hydration. In serious dehydration incidents, you must visit a vet clinic.

  • Moisten food: 

Your pet may not react to their stimulation to drink, so you need to act wisely. Do you want to be innovative to hydrate your pets? Here’s a superb solution for it. You can try offering moist food items to your pet. Serve it as a separate dish, as the main meal, or as a sprinkler on their dry food items. If you are still unsure which moist food items are best or which one you should choose, then consult your vet. Find out the appropriate amount of wet food according to their breed and health. Don’t forget to calculate the calories while mixing up the wet food or add it as a topper. Be sure to pick up and wash the bowls because keeping the wet food out for a long time might make it bad for consumption.

  • Make frozen treats

Pets love to snack on delightful treats. The best way to satisfy their sweet tooth and hydrate them at the same time could be giving them homemade popsicles with ingredients like watermelon, strawberries, unsweetened yogurt, and xylitol- free peanut butter. To avoid tooth damage due to continuous crunching, try to make the popsicles in ice cube trays. This will enable you to avoid the popsicle sticks, too. Drop the mixture in the ice cube tray with a favorite biscuit in it and freeze it for an hour or two. If you’re not a DIY person, then you can get dog-friendly ice cream in stores.

  • Clean bowls: 

Health and hygiene go hand in hand, so wash their bowls regularly. Some animals are picky and don’t like to drink water if the bowls have a little bit of dirt. So, dirty bowls might lead your pet to dehydration. Before serving your pet, you can ensure that the water is clean for drinking. To be certain the water is clean and germ-free, you might add a pet water purifier to their bowl. Pet water purifier helps to enhance the purity of the water. 

  • Encourage your pet:

Guess what your pet loves the most? It’s you that your pet looks forward to! You’re the one who can make drinking water fun. Your bond with your pet is the strongest, and they trust you the most as they feel more secure with you. If your pet struggles to drink water, then play with your pet and offer water in your palm. Try this; it might work with your pet.

If your pets are facing problems hydrating themselves, these tips might be helpful. But of course, if any critical issues arise, please turn to a vet.


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