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Humans: Affectionate Toward Their Pets


In my opinion, dogs can be the best companion ever. New research conducted shows that people are more empathetic toward dogs than adult humans. We see dogs as a part of the family rather than just pets. 

Recently, a study published in the Journal of Scientific Reports found one reason we’re so attached to dogs is their facial movements. Dogs make more facial movements and expressions when a human is paying attention to them. Previously, it was presumed that animal facial expressions were purely unconscious. A study initiated that dogs raise their eyebrows and even make their eyes bigger when they want attention from a person.

 Researchers from Northeastern University sought to cultivate the reasons behind this phenomenon. The study published in Society and Animals journal was conducted by researchers Jack Levin and Arnold Arluke.  The pair wanted to understand why some people care more about dogs than they do for other humans. 

One experiment was attempted in which 240 students were asked to share their level of empathy during unexpected, atypical circumstances, like an adult or child being severely beaten or a dog being abused. The whole scenario was being reported as “news,” but the articles written were false. It was written specifically for the experiment. The stories of the child, puppy, and adult dog created more distress, torment, and compassion than those for the adult.

Studies have found that humans tend to be more concerned when the talk is about animals suffering than humans experiencing pain and distress, except the maltreatment of a child. Humans generally bear the knowledge that animals are helpless regarding abuse, no matter their age. Children are also perceived as weak, which is not the same case with adults. It is presumed they are able to handle their own defense.

Love for animals is a different feeling. We tend to care for and love our pets more than our neighbors, even our friends, too. It’s human nature; there’s nothing wrong with it. Pets render a level of loyalty and exclusive attention that is not usually observed in the human world, where your peers judge you based on wealth, status, looks, and so on.

A true friend is hard to find. They can behave the way they wish at the best or worst times. You can’t always expect them to be at your side during bad times. Pets seem to be more faithful and loyal, where we, as human beings, fail. 

It cannot be described in words how one feels with dogs. It’s a beautiful feeling one can enjoy. It’s meant to be felt. Animals easily become friends without judging you. They don’t have the intellect which allows them to become unfaithful. Pets are purely loyal creatures with no complaints and no demands. They fulfill all needs that you generally seek from a friend.

Pets love us unconditionally and don’t blame us for our mistakes. They always wait for us no matter how late we are; we never need to provide an excuse. The affection and love are so genuine that we don’t want to turn our backs on them. 

Pets consistently admire attention. If you are having a rough day, spending time with your pets is the best option. Try to play with them or take them out for a walk. Animals love nature, so a walk can freshen up both of you in the meantime. 

The touch of an animal is soft; wrapping them in your arms is so satisfying. We feel more secure with them around. They are the perfect example of, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Pets provide us with protection and security. They won’t let anyone harm you.

Animals have a strong sense of hearing and smell. Dogs can trace you by remembering your smell. Animals are also good listeners. They listen with patience and give you proper attention. One will never feel alone around their pets. They can calm us in difficult situations and wipe away all our worries and tensions. Their cheerful, excited face is enough for you.

Evidence points out that pets can reduce stress, and one can be relaxed in a minute. Good interactions can change a person; it is proven that people who are friendly with animals have a pleasant nature. These interactions help us to behave maturely and calmly with any issues. 

 Science states that humans’ eagerness to have a companion with animals is directly rooted in the evolution of species. Recent research concludes that having pets or being an owner of cats or dogs can benefit health. There is a reduction in stress level, anxiety, risk of heart disease, loneliness, depression, and dementia. We generally treat our pets as family members. As pets are contained with non-verbal emotions, we get attached more quickly and firmly with them.

Research explains the pros of having pets, but the proof is paradoxical. It shares that having pets can also have cons, as it might severely affect one’s health. 

A Japanese study report experienced that dog owners had an unexpected 300% increase in oxytocin level when they spent time with their dogs, including gazing. The dog has a 130% increase in oxytocin hormones, also referred to as “love hormones.” This rising in oxytocin hormones is noticed between a mother and infant. The study also concludes that if you have a love for pets, they also love you back.


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