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Pet Safety: Car Harness For Dogs


Dogs are great company in the car until they run all around inside the cabin or suddenly jump into your lap. This distraction is quite dangerous too. Even if your dog sits quietly in the back seat, it is not safe. It is advisable to secure your pets with a harness, just as humans use seat belts while riding. Here are some of the best harnesses for your dog’s safety. Have a look and buy that safety harness that is suitable for your dog.

  • Sleepypod ClickIt Sport Crash-Tested Car Safety Dog Harness

This is a product certified by the Centre for Pet Safety for dogs. This harness can hold dogs from 18 to 90 pounds. The features include a special infinity loop with three contact points, a padded vest, tough straps, and stress-tested buckles. This product keeps your dog comfortable and provides enough protection and security to help the dogs stay safe in an accident. You can use it as a walking harness too. To keep your dogs secured while driving, you will enjoy this product at $73.99.

  • ZugoPet Rocketeer Pack:

It is not rocket science, just simple equipment for your pet. The specialty in this product is multifunctional, approved by CPS, and is a cute harness. It helps your dog sit in the back seat of your car. If an accident occurs, it ensures that your dog does not fly off. This product sells for $105.00, including a Velcro harness, headrest strap, and straps for both backpack and child seat anchors.

  • Kurgo Impact Dog Car Harness:

This product can weigh up to 75 pounds and is crash-tested for dogs. It has passed safety tests by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Lab; they used the same standard tests used for children’s car seats. This product is comfortable and secure with the padded chest strap, seat belt tethers, five-point adjustment, and steel buckles. It can be used both as a vehicle seat belt system and a walking harness. It sells for $76.49.

  • Ruffwear Load Up Vehicle Restraint Harness:

This product is a great choice for a long journey in the car. The connection point is lower, which allows your dog to lie down comfortably. It is safe and secure during driving intervals and works for potty breaks with a leash. This product sells for $79.95 from Amazon.

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  • 4×4 North America Original Allsafe Harness:

This product is of heavy-duty construction. It is made up of nylon and stainless steel and can hold large, heavy dogs. It can also be used as a walking harness. You can find this on Chewy for $98.96 to $119.95.

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  • Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness:

The Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness is a great choice to keep your dog safe. It comes with two leashed attached rings; it can also be a walking harness. For this product, you need to buy a seat belt attachment separately. This product sells for $15.99 from Chewy.

  • Kurgo TruFit Car Dog Harness:

This product comes with steel buckles and a no-pull D-ring leash attached for walking. You do not need to buy an extra seat attachment as this product provides one. It comes in different sizes for only $26.98 from Chewy.

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  • Lukovee Dog Safety Harness and Seatbelt Set:

The Lukovee Dog harness is pocket friendly and keeps your little friend safe while traveling in a car. It comes with a leash attachment ring and is made up of mesh fabric that slips over the dog’s head effortlessly. It comes with an elastic bungee cord seat belt attachment. This product comes in seven different sizes, which can prevent a ting dog from wiggling in it. You can get this product for $12.99 from Amazon.

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  • Easy Rider Adjustable Car Harness:

The product is a car harness as well as a walking harness. It connects to the front or rear seat belts and has a padded chest strap for comfort. It is also crash tested, selling for $21.69.

  • Coastal Easy Rider Car Harness:

The product comes with a safety crash test. Easy Rider Car Harness can also be used as a walking harness. It keeps a dog safe and secure while traveling in a car. It comes in five different sizes, from XSM to XLG. This product is available in Petland and sells for $33.98.

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Are you packing for a road trip? Are you worried about your dogs? How will they be safe? Wipeout all your worries now. I shared so many options for your dog’s Safety Car Harness. Choose your desirable harness for your dog. Enjoy the safety and security riding with your best furry companion. With a safety harness, you can be stress-free and enjoy your trip. Just take enough snacks, water, and food. Potty breaks—yeah! Of course, they are most important for your dog and you too. 

Make sure that your dog has enough water. Meals, treats, and chews are important to keep your dog distracted and playful inside an enclosed place like a car. Also, it is not safe to leave your dogs inside your vehicle on a 75-degree day, as it may reach up to 100 degrees inside and easily cause heatstroke. Laws have also been enacted against leaving a dog in a car, so be careful. Don’t leave them neglected and unattended. I hope you both enjoy your next trip.


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