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Pet Safety: Hurricane Season


Natural calamities and disasters are major adverse conditions resulting from the natural processes of the earth, including floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, avalanches, droughts, tsunamis, storms, earthquakes, and other geological conditions. In the year 2020, according to the UN, the number of extreme calamities has increased over the last two decades. 

This year has faced all devastating events from massive wildfires to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, and storms. If something is menacing for you, it is dangerous for your pets too. Natural disasters are frightening and life-threatening to both you and your pet. 

Our pets are very smart and can acknowledge the arrival of danger. They have a great ability to sense a situation and warn you at the right time. You can make some preparations to deal with an alarming hurricane season easily and safely. hurricane-prep-with-pets-yellow-dog-ftr.jpg

Some measures can ensure the security of the pets. The precautions are as follows:

  • Be well informed:

You must be aware of the types of disasters that could approach; know the danger-prone areas. Do not rely on false rumors and do not listen to uncertified news. Save the helpline number to contact the evacuation and shelter locations if necessary. Frequently monitor the weather conditions on T. V., radio, alert messages on your mobile, and warnings about severe weather to provide you with knowledge of the storm’s activity. These warning messages will help you and your family act wisely according to the situation. 

  • Prepare a plan for your pet:

You must have safety measures for each situation, and you must prepare to execute your plan. Make sure that you keep your supplies and essentials in an easily accessible place, as this will make your evacuation quick. Before a storm arrives, have a look at the vet and animal shelters that are located in the safe zones and inquire about the availability of the boarding system. Some boarding shelters require vaccination documents, so make sure those documents are submitted and kept in an accessible place.


If you are planning to board your pet, then you must be cautious about certain factors, such as if it is located in the safe zone. Prepare your pet’s leash, water bowls, clean-up bags, medication (if any), pet collar, identification, towel, blanket, toys, and two-weeks worth of food and water. Label the items of your pet; try to do this earlier before the arrival of a real storm. Organization is necessary for such severe conditions.

If an area is in the danger zone, evacuations will start quickly. You have to organize everything beforehand, and you have to find a place where you can stay other than the public shelters that do not permit pets. If you are planning to evacuate, then choose a route that has hotels that are pet friendly. Make a note of the place where you are going to board your pet and always leave with extra time as this could be a life-risking factor.

  • Get ready with your emergency kit:

As you are planning to evacuate, get ready with an essential emergency kit. You need to properly organize it earlier with weeks worth of food, bottled water, canned food, harness, litter box, medicines, and medical records. Bring an extra leash and a picture of your pet in case you two are separated during the storm. Gadgets like tags and micro-chipping are helpful to locate your pet. You might attach this type of gadget to your pet’s collar as this will help you get to your pet quickly.

  • Staying at home:

If you’re staying at home during the storm, then keep your pets in an enclosed place and tie the leash. This will ensure their security and make them calm. You need to know your pet’s favorite spots, as it will be difficult to track your pets in this terrific mayhem.

  • Control the panic of your pet:

It is known that some dogs do not move when it comes to going out; they stick to a place. Animals can sense severe weather, and it is hard for them to react or move out of their comfort zones. Comparatively, they do not like changes they are not capable of enduring. Shifting to a shelter or boarding them to animal shelters can be stressful for your pets, which can lead to an increase in anxiety. So bringing blankets, some favorite clothes, and toys can make them feel at home and provide comfort after the storm does not let your pet outside. 

Keep them inside and keep them on the leash. After storms, familiar surroundings might change, and pets can panic and feel lost too. Many times the trauma of the storm is stuck in their head for a prolonged time, and this will be forecasted in their behaviors. In many instances, it has been noticed that friendly pets turn aggressive. It is advisable to return to the usual routine after the storm retreats. 

  • Navigate all the possible worst scenes:

You must have proper knowledge of what’s going on in your surroundings during the storm. Get ready for all types of situations. In worst cases, if an unexpected flash flood occurs, you might get trapped in your house. Make sure you make an emergency kit with a light, sufficient candles, packet foods, water bottles, medications, first-aid kit, IDs, documents, and keys. Stay updated on the location of the storm.

Do not use any electronic gadgets while the storm is active, and avoid taking shelter near metal fences and electricity polls. After the storm retreats, do not move out from the shelter until you get clear signals from the authorities, as aftershocks can be violent and life-threatening. Panicking leads to mistakes. During these situations, it’s normal to panic, but try your best to calm yourself as you have to take care of your pets also. 

Pets are likely to get frightened in such situations so try to calm them. If you find any stray animals outside your home, it’s advisable to help them. In these conditions, you must care about your surrounding neighbors and animals too, because life does matter a lot. If you get the opportunity to save a life, go for it. Overall, before performing your act, fill yourself with immense tranquillity.


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