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The internet is a dominant creation in today’s world. It has held us together with endless knowledge, and the entertainment it provides plays a pivotal role in our lives. Networking has made the world available in the palm of our hand. One button is enough to connect you to the vast empire of social networking. We, as human beings, are programmed to be socially active. 

Social networking is a well-known platform these days. It generates all types of information, spreads business awareness, which makes or breaks your business. People always look for new ways to connect with different types of people. In this digitalized world, social media has served both introverts and extroverts to showcase their talent and explore a new side of being socially active. According to the statistics, more than 2.6 billion people use social networking websites and apps.

Topics trending and going viral are two things that have gained popularity. Trending can be referred to as the content which earns an increasing amount of views in a specific time period. Once the number of views decreases within the given time frame, it’s no longer trending. Whereas viral is the content that was or is trending, thereby gaining popularity widely with millions of views.


Having a snake as a pet for most people is just a scary thought. It is hard to imagine wrapping a snake around your neck and playing with them. Hats off to those who love snakes and keep them as pets. Spaghetti, the snake, is the number one viral picture of this year. Spaghetti received a hand-knitted sweater for Christmas in 2019. 

Spaghetti, the snake whom Sean adopted many years ago, received a special crocheted sweater for Christmas. This viral video of such a delightful serpent has grabbed quite a lot of attention; people’s hearts are warming up to him. After this video was posted by his owner as “little guy slithering into his new Christmas jumper,” I became interested and learned some details about the pet and his owner too.


When Sean was interviewed about getting a snake as his pet, he mentioned that it was never his plan to get a snake. Sean never thought of owning one, but he confesses that Spaghetti has been the best pet for him among all he could have chosen. It was about four-five years back when Sean adopted Spaghetti. 

Spaghetti belonged to Sean’s roommate, his old friend who has now moved to England to get his master’s degree. Before leaving, he posted on Facebook about the adoption of Spaghetti, but no one was eager to take the snake. I guess everyone was scared, just like me. Sean adopted the snake since he had already lived with him for two years and knew everything about Spaghetti. Sean loved Spaghetti, and he knew how to take care of him.

The first time I saw Spaghetti, my mind was blown to use the word pet. We generally think of birds, cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, and sometimes tortoises. I know that some people do like snakes, but it is a rare case to have them as a pet. 

When Sean adopted Spaghetti, her sister asked him all sorts of curious questions such as: How long was it? How big and thick was it? Spaghetti was 39 inches long the last time Sean measured him, and he was an inch thick.

I have come across some pictures where Sean literally wrapped the snake around his neck. 

scale (1).jpg

Sean also said that Spaghetti’s hug is one of the biggest and greatest hugs. When Sean picks him up, Spaghetti just wraps around his arm and then tries to move up to his neck and then to the top of his head, which depicts the biggest hug.

Sean was fascinated by this jumper, which his sister knitted using a PVC pipe as a model. People were curious how Sean got Spaghetti in it. Sean said it was simple. He put Spaghetti’s head in one end; then he wriggled through the other end of the jumper. He stopped before his head popped out, stayed there, and chilled for a bit. After a few minutes, he popped his head all the way out. After reading this, I realized how cute Spaghetti is, though I am still afraid of snakes.

scale (2).jpg

Serene and sated corn snake named Spaghetti relaxing comfortably in his new jumper. This purple-colored handmade sweater was knitted by Sean’s sister as a Christmas present for Spaghetti.

Once Sean’s sister gets better at knitting, this snake-human duo is going to surprise the world again. With fingers crossed, I just hope that his sister surprises them again with some knitting skills. Sean is also hoping to see Spaghetti rolling around with some striped jumpers.

I just love the fact that this networking is so vast that we all can connect with each other and share our joyous moments with the world. People are always out there to lift you up. We have somehow become detached from the real world, but we have secured a bit of happiness through social networking. After watching this clip, I was overwhelmed, and it was a massive thing for me that I could be a part of it by just watching. The comments and likes depict the appreciation and similar opinions of the viewers. 

Just a few seconds of video can provide you with happiness and mend your troublesome day. I, being a timid part of this networking world, admire it a lot. In this busy world where we actually can’t enjoy small pieces of real-world happiness around us, we tend to lean on these social networking sites to get a few moments of virtual joy. We aimlessly scroll through these social platforms while we, in the physical world, do not socialize beyond certain limits. Social media and social applications have become a medium of escape from our real world to the world of fantasy.


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