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Stop Animal Cruelty: Pets Need Love And Care


Humanity seems to be on the downswing, with humankind becoming an incarnation of greed, gluttony, selfishness, and spite.

Across the globe, humanity seems to be waning. Most of us have become indifferent when we see others suffering or in trouble. This is an attitude that is on display around the world. People have begun hurting animals just to fulfill their need for entertainment. This needs to be stopped. But before that, we need to ask why it is happening. 

We can help these animals, but many people don’t feel like helping. Harming or harassing an animal is not cool, funny, or a form of entertainment. It is animal abuse and should be banned on all social media platforms. Animals are not gadgets to use to gain popularity but lifelong friends that deserve to be nursed with respect. We have failed as human beings. We are the only hope to cooperate and make this world worth living.

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The way many people treat their pets is just not right. Some examples are the challenges that go viral that millions of people view. An investigation launched by SUN ONLINE unveils videos of dogs and cats desperately trying to evade people who were clapping around their heads to the music. It is popularly known as the #clapping challenge. There the pet owners, besides recording, slap a dog or cat on the back or across the face to the tune “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” with accompanied obscenity. The startling fact was that the disturbing videos were liked by millions.

It can be clearly presumed from the video that the dogs and cats were frustrated to the extent that they attempted to attack their owners to make them stop. Footage found reveals that the owners were shouting at animals, hitting them on their heads, and subjecting them to heinous treatment. TikTok users participated in the #PutItInABunchallenge, where pet owners tied scrunchies or rubber bands around their pet’s ears. The challenge post received 120 million views. It’s a move that PETA and animal rights activists call cruel and unnecessary because pets are visibly uncomfortable in those situations.

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Open letters were written by PETA in 2019 to social media platforms begging them to ban animal abusers from sites. Videos like these are menacing and treacherous, which may normalize treating animals disrespectfully or even physically abusing them. People can become desperate for publicity and attention.

Recent news alarmed everyone’s nerves. Two teenagers who went viral on TikTok for drowning a dog in a pool have been arrested. The teenagers tied up a stray dog, flung it in a pond, and then pelted it with stones. The incident occurred in Ujjain, MP. This violent act outraged the feelings of citizens and demanded arrests.

A vet has warned the TikTok trend as a challenge could potentially cause long term damage to the animal’s health. Jessica May, the UK lead veterinarian at the video vet service, First Vet, told FEMAIL that she was concerned the pets are often held inappropriately and that the rough handling of the animals could lead to damage of the “back, skull or spine.”

The craze began in the UK and US, where pet owners were witnessed lifting a pet by their ear, often upside down or in an awkward position, while reenacting a phone conversation from the 2001 film The Princess Diaries.

Another user was seen holding her dog up by the ear with his limbs sticking out into the air. Watching and sharing the videos repeatedly means the despicable act could be followed by others.

It’s clear from the videos that there is little indication of when the pets are placed back down. It is very important to ensure that they are slowly lowered toward the floor feet first and that they can step away once their paws have come into contact with the ground.

If an animal is scared and is scrambling to get away, they risk falling, which could result in fractured bones or a sprain. Playing with pets is one thing. Having them take part in social media is one of the best modules to strengthen the bond. Owners need to be careful not to over-handle them as animals could find it very uncomfortable. One should be aware that animals are sentient and should be treated with respect.

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Those people who hurt animals don’t always stop with animals. There is an established connection between cruelty towards animals and humans, referred to as “The Link.” This Link creates an urgency to strengthen abuse charges and take them seriously. Serious steps must be taken for the sake of both animals and people. 

It has been found the level of cruelty to animals has increased innumerably over the past years. We have witnessed a drastic spike, just as we saw in the record of rapes and murders. In 2020, there was a rapid increase in animal cruelty. From hunting to beating and humiliating, incidents like illegal cruelties and intentional harm to wild animals have been reported in March (194), April (241), and in May (381).

During the 2020 pandemic lockdown, some people looked for these so-called savage ideas to pass the time. Many people try to find pleasure through these brutal crime incidents toward animals. 

What do we truly know about the animals we buy? Our perceptions of their behavior hint that they sometimes experience things in a similar way to ourselves. We then categorize their behaviors like love, anger, jealousy, delight, embarrassment, joy, or grief because we have no other way to explain it. We all know what another creature’s happiness or distress looks like because they look very much like our own. We actually don’t bother to ask about the consent. Animals are unable to speak, so many people like to treat them in whatever ways they like.

We humans who don’t bother about the feelings of other creatures don’t actually deserve this angelic, furry, and innocent friend.


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