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Stressed Out? Pets Can Help


The bond that an animal shares with a human is mutually beneficial and is a very dynamic relationship. This bond helps individuals improve their mental health, get psychological support, and physical interactions with animals keep one close to the environment. Pets come with many health benefits. Love and care of pets can relieve one from depression and anxiety, lower stress levels, and improve mental stability. 

Most pet owners give a clarified picture of the instant happiness that comes when they share their lives with pets. We all know that these furry creatures are a great companion in our lives, but most of us are unaware of the physical and mental health benefits they provide. Recently, scientists have focused on the animal-human bond to identify its depth and explore the beneficial factors.

Pets have advanced to cope with humans and deal with our behavior, emotions, and mood swings. For instance, a dog can understand many words that we speak on a day to day basis. Like a faithful, trustworthy human friend, dogs try to interpret your feelings and state of mind just with the help of eye contact. 

Domestic pets like dogs and cats can improve your mental health. They always stay with you to ease your loneliness and encourage you to workout. While you play and spend time with them, you forget your stress, and thus they enhance your cardio- health. 

If a child grows up with an animal, they tend to be more empathetic and caring as a person. Hence, having a pet is suitable for your family’s security and helps you be a decent human being. Pets have proven that they are a better companion for all ages. We tend to ignore older people as they seem to be boring to us. Elderly humans want a constant partner with whom they can share their emotions and stories. Hence, pets are a great companion for older adults.

Studies have confirmed the health benefits of having pets.

  • Very few pet owners suffer from depression.
  • In stressful situations, pet owners have lower blood pressure than those without pets.
  • Playing with pets relaxes and calms one’s muscles. Thus, there is an increase in serotonin and dopamine hormone levels. 
  • There are lower levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in pet owners.
  • Heart attack patients who have pets survive longer.
  • Pet owners over 65 have fewer health issues than a person who doesn’t own any pets.

Human touch is the first form of communication. Safety, security, and comfort; everything is in the gentle caress of a finger or brush of lips on soft cheeks. It connects us when we are happy, boisterous in times of fear, excites in times of passion and love. We need that touch from the one we love almost as much as we breathe air. A pet fulfills the basic need of a human to touch. 

Criminals in prison also change their behaviors when interacting with pets in the long term as many tend to have firsthand experience of mutual affection. Hugging or touching an animal can calm and soothe one’s mind. An animal’s friendship can erase all your pains and worries and boost your energy with positivity.

Switching to a Healthy Lifestyle

  •  Improvise your daily exercising schedule by taking your dog out for a walk, run, or hike. If you’re planning to lose or maintain your weight, then you have a great partner, and now you won’t feel lethargic anymore. A study proves that pet owners are more likely to meet their daily exercise needs. Exercising every day is suitable for you and your pet. It helps to enhance your bonds and helps both of you maintain your health.
  • Companionship is essential; it’s challenging to lead a life without it. It’s a fact that it is hard to find a true friend. Every individual requires someone with whom he can share all his worries and happiness at every stage of life. Animals are the best companion that humans could ever get. They can prevent you from many health hazards, thus adding extra days to your life, while living in isolation can be lonely and can cause depression. Human nature craves the one for whom they want to come back home. Moreover, if your pet is your friend, you’re likely to enjoy that company and wipe all your stress.
  • Pets help you to socialize a bit more, which is excellent for your mental health. Walking in the park or hiking helps you interact with new people as most people stop a bit just for the pet. While attending any pet clubs or training classes, pet owners get the chance to know new people.
  • Pets help reduce your stress level, ease your anxiety, build confidence, and make you a better person that can go out into this crowded world. Pets correctly believe in carpe diem. Animals do not stress about tomorrow, and they try to live in the present fully, never stressing about their future. That is what affects our mental health the most.
  • Pets try to maintain a scheduled daily plan, which includes proper feeding time and exercise routine. Maintaining a consistent routine is suitable for both the pet and its owner; it helps to be calm and stay around your pet. No matter how stressed or depressed you are, you have to follow the routine. You have to get up, exercise with him, feed him, and play with him. Thus, pets make you busy and help you to move on in any situation.
  • Touch is necessary, and it can manage your stress level. A soft furry paw is enough to relax your body both physically and mentally. Touch can lower your blood pressure and can make you stress-free.

Having a Pet is Beneficial for Older Adults

  • Age will gradually cause you to lose those things that make you busy and provide meaning to your life. You will retire from your workplace, and your children might move out. Adopting a pet is the best option as it will help you boost your mood, make you an optimist, and value your worthiness. Moreover, you’re providing a home to the animal.
  • As you become older, it’s challenging to maintain a social life. As retirement and health issues may take you away from your close friends, you start craving a relationship to share all of your ups and downs. So having a pet by your side is perfect.
  • As you grow older, you need to boost your immunity, increase your energy, and so on. Playing with pets is excellent for this and also brings instant happiness.

Children and adults both can benefit from pets. It will provide you with immense tranquillity, relaxation of your muscles, brain, and body stress. Playing with a pet can help children to grow up into a better person. Pets restore a child’s innovation and imagination. Pets can also establish curiosity and questioning factors in a child. At last, this innocent furry companion provides you with immense joy and fulfillment.


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