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Animal Shelter Celebrates Their Happiest Day: All Kennels Are Vacant


In our daily life, we witness numerous homeless animals. Millions of stray animals are living in the streets around the world. They suffer through a lot of problems. Like being unable to find food and not having shelter. The population of street dogs is closely associated with municipal sanitation practices. Dogs often survive by rummaging rubbish for something to eat. As we know, there are two sides to every coin. By scavenging garbage, they reduce biodegradable waste, which could otherwise be a source of contamination for people. Their presence keeps dangerous scavengers, such as rats and mice away.

“Saving an animal will not change the world, but surely for that one animal, the world will change forever.”

Adopting pets is a great option because it brings with it many advantages: Adopting will help save lives. One study estimates that more than 2.7 million adoptable pets are euthanized annually in the United States. There aren’t enough shelter homes. Those statistics only show us a glimpse into the truth of America’s homeless animal population. What we should really do, is try to raise funds for the shelter homes to protect the animals from the harsh weather conditions, and criminal attacks. Consequently, the number of euthanized animals would decrease. If we started adopting animals rather than buying them, we could save many animal lives.. When we adopt a pet, you give them a shelter, a family, and love, something they yearn for. We also discourage the perpetual breeding of new animals, who may end up as homeless later. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all been obliged by the government to stay in our homes. As a result, the number of animal adoptions increases, probably as a means of buffering against the negative effects of isolation. This is a serious issue that we are all facing. Staying at home without any company is an extremely difficult thing to do. 

The Riverside County Animal Services shared a video on their Instagram page depicting the empty kennels in their shelter. They were celebrating the rise in animal  adoption rates. ‘We have a completely empty adoption centre.’ 

They wanted to thank everyone who adopted recently and said that they are over the moon to have been able to give homes to every animal in their centre. 

They confirmed that although the animal shelter has been cleared out, they will not have any pets up for adoption in the coming few days. The purpose of this post is to encourage everyone to adopt an animal if their situation allows and to show that collectively, we really can make a difference.  

The Humane Society of the Pikes, another animal ahelter in Colorado recently launched a campaign for adoption called ‘Bring Them Home for the Holidays’. It turned to be a quite a successful one. According to the shelter, they have helped to find homes for 23 dogs and 25 cats. The staff and the volunteers said that they would not stop until all animals find homes. 

These incidents describe the real nature of animal shelters. We all knew that 31% of dogs are euthanized in shelters, so by adopting, you’re effectively saving that animals life.  

Shelters and foster homes put in a great deal of effort to find secure and loving homes for these innocent creatures. Surprisingly, months after the adoption has been finalized; they check in to see if the pet is going well and that you have been able to adapt to having a new member in your family household. The reason for these check ups is to ensure that the animal is safe and in good, responsible hands. From significant marketing efforts to some amusing advertisements. 

Shelter homes are secured way to adopt pets. This video of empty shelter homes seems to be as satisfying as it ensures you that your furry sheltered friends got a loving and secured residence. The staff and volunteers of the shelter home celebrate as “The Happiest Day” when their last animal is gets adopted, and their kennels become empty.  

Pets have advanced to cope with humans to deal with our behaviour, emotions, and mood swings. For instance, the dog can understand many words that we speak on a day to day basis. Like a faithful, trustworthy human friend, dogs try to interpret your feelings and state of mind just with the help of eye contact. Domestic pets as dogs and cats can improvise your mental health. They always stay with you to ease your loneliness, encourages you to workout. While you play and spend time with them, you forget your stress, and thus they enhance your cardio- health. Hence, having a pet is suitable for your families. We have also seen this abrupt spike in adoptions in this lockdown situation in 2020 as isolation and boredom has let people realize the urgency of being in touch with a companion. In another way, this adoption seems to be more helpful to the animals who have been adopted.


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