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Animals Have The Love To Make The World Go ‘round


We have all noticed that animals share some of the same emotions as humans, empathy, love, fear, and even apathy. However, their way of dwelling is far different from ours. I might even be tempted to say that animals are more sensitive and understanding than human beings. Animals won’t just abandon you when you need some moral support or sympathy. They are even concerned about strangers, whether they are friendly or hostile, whether they need help.  There are many examples and instances that convince one that the love and sacrificial behaviour of animals is something which should be given its due credit. Some of us human beings, lack this type of love and understanding. Here a few stories about animals to convince you just how loving animals are. 

Kelsey, The Golden Retriever

On New Year’s Eve, at around 10:30 pm, Bob was spending time with Kelsey, watching football and waiting for the clock to strike 12, ringing them into the New Year.. In the course of an advertisement break, Bob decided to run out to fetch a log for the fire. People around the world were toasting and welcoming the New Year. Meanwhile, Bob on his way out, Bob fell down and broke his neck. He was lying in the snow, paralyzed, a few steps from the entrance of his house. He screamed for help, but the neighbors lived a quarter of a mile away and it seemed like nobody could hear him. Kelsey, worried to death, went looking for him and found him freezing, paralyzed in the snow. She lay on top of him to keep him warm and continuously kept barking for help even after Bob lost his consciousness. Kelsey’s howled and howled to warn the neighbors for 20 long hours until 6:30 pm on New Year’s Day, when they were found. Kelsey showed the qualities of a true hero, and saved her owner’s life. 

This Parrot is Certainly Not Shallow

True love has no boundaries, or strings attached. Love is unconditional, limitless, with immense depth and tranquillity. Here, we see a male parrot who fell in love with a female parrot that had lost its feathers and looked more like a vulture. Beauty will not stay forever; it fades eventually. The male parrot’s love was not based on looks or those things which change over the course of time. 

Pets Care for Pregnant Women

Pets are more affectionate to little kids and pregnant moms. There is no doubts about the fact that dogs are alert and can sense everything. A dog tends to get more affectionate to women when there is a baby on the way. They become more protective and loving towards them. We have seen Pit getting extremely devoted to her sister since her pregnancy began.

Two Morning Strangers

A video posted on social media depicts a human-cat friendship. The video shows a cat following this guy around every morning at 5 am. He does not know the cat’s name nor is he aware of who owns him, but they have somehow managed to be friends for more than two years.

The House Cat & the Rescue Kitten

One cat owner rescued a crying kitten that was outside on the street. When they brought it into the house, the house cat became very affectionate toward the kitten and started to cuddle her. This simple moment of affection shows how empathetic cats can really be.

The Companion to the Sick

A 3-Year-old boy caught the flu, all he wanted was to go to sleep next to his dog. Hammer, the dog, proved to be a great companion and sat by his side, while he was sick. No questions asked.  Dogs truly are the best of companions, and that is that.

Who Says They Don’t Have Hearts

Some people don’t believe that animals have the capacity to feel love, I personally think that is unbelievably silly. Many of these same people would say that cats are evil. However, cats really do have emotions and concerns that are not so different from ours at all. One particular instance that supports this theory comes from a story of  when a cat owner was giving his cat a bath. The cat, hating the experience, started screaming, the older cat (who truly hated water himself) jumped and tried to pull the little cat, perhaps thinking it was drowning, trying to save it. This incident depicts true love and compassion.

Long Term Friendship

Only with animals is friendship truly long lasting. Recent research has shown that people are more empathetic to dogs than adult humans. A true friend is hard to find. However, considering the non-judgemental nature of animals, it’s easy and painless befriending them.. They don’t have the brain power to nit pick and cause meaningless arguments and quarrels, making them great best friends. 

Travel Companions

 Daisy and Luna are two companions. Daisy hates riding in the car so Luna comforts her by hugging her tightly. Both of them end up dozing off. This is a heart- touching scene.

Best Friends

Pets consider their owners to be their best friends. They follow their owner’s path, wherever they go. Pets are loyal creatures, especially dogs, They don’t complain and make no demands. They fulfil our needs and commands and don’t ask for anything in return. 

Mutual Respect

A picture of a 12 year old cat licking an 11-year-old dog shows the love between these animals. The affection confuses the dog, so the cat politely moves away, respecting the dog’s feelings. Even some humans are not this considerate!

Mothers Love

Animals love their children in the same way human parents love their kids.  Mother’s bonding with their children is a hard thing to express in words. A mother’s love is unconditional, and too deep to be measured. Animals are empathetic; they are not like us humans. They are more sensitive to the feelings of others.


Hugs are an integral part of expressing affection and endearment whether you are an animal or human, hugs are pretty much 

essential for everyone. Sometimes a simple hug can go a long way.

Gym Buddies

A picture of a cat that was waiting at the reception of the gym went viral. This cat had followed their owner to the gym, and sat there waiting until they were finished working out. How adorable is that!


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