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Health Benefits Of Owning Pets


Something that may come as a surprise to many, is that owning a pet comes with lots of health benefits. Pets contribute to the endorsement of engaging in healthy habits. Their subtle presence contributes to and facilitates healthy choice. They increase your opportunities to workout, help to keep your heart healthy, and promote you to socialize more. 

Regular playing with and taking your pet out for walks, decreases blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels by promoting more physical activity. Physical exercise, as we all know, if one of the primary factors which contribute to good health. 

Nowadays, many households prefer to have domestic pets like cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Pets like this can also help to manage your stress and anxiety levels by providing constant companionship. There is no worry of loneliness, isolation, or any sign of depression.  

Researchers discovered that the bond between animals and humans promote well-being in people. They prompt us to exercise more which elicits the beneficial elements of fitness, lowering stress levels, giving us a feeling of genuine happiness. Results from studies suggest the following benefits of human-animal relationships. 

  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels.
  • Reduces triglyceride levels.
  • Buffers against social isolation
  • Increases physical activity
  • Provide us with new social opportunities

Although we are all aware that many diseases are transmitted through animals, they often bear harmful germs that can make us sick even when the pet appears healthy. The types of illnesses that we can be transmitted from animals are known as ‘zoonotic’ diseases. Following some precautions can be help us to keep ourselves and our family safe, while also not getting in the way of spending quality time with our pets. 

  • Before adopting a pet, ensure that you are getting the correct one for you and your family. A household consisting of a young child should avoid getting pet reptiles, amphibians, or poultry. Pregnant women shouldn’t adopt cats, as they bear a parasite called toxoplasmosis. This parasite has the potential to cause congenital disabilities. Pregnant womenshould also avoid rodents. People with weakened or compromised immune systems should also be careful about choosing the right pet. 
  • Always remember to wash your hands after playing with or feeding your pet. Hygiene is the key to a fit and healthy life, for us and our pets. 
  • You should monitor your pets regularly and bring them for frequent check ups at the vet! Keeping your pet healthy ensures you and your family’s safety. 

The 2020 lockdown which seems to have been continually extended, seems like it will never end. The officials and other staff members are fully opened with all the essential precautions and safety measures being carried out. This year was tough, we all know it. 

Many of us are dealing with serious problems as a result, increased anxiety, depression, stress level.  There has even been a significant increase in suicidality and domestic abuse. 

This year’s reports state the many adverse psychological effects of the Covid-19 lockdown, including symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, anger, increased general stress. 

There are several other frustrations that were reported as resulting from the lengthy quarantine that we have all been subjected to., Examples of these are boredom, inadequate information regarding the virus, financial loss, just to name a few.

Many of the effects resulting from these problems can be long- lasting. Mental problems have increased a lot. These emotional and psychological health hazards can be relieved by quality time with your pets.

Interacting with your pets decreases cortisol (the hormone responsible for causing the stress response) levels andhelps to regulate your blood pressure. Some scientists say that animals are the best stress relievers. They help you reduce loneliness and improve the health of your cardiovascular tissue. They also boost your energy, make you socialize, and uplift your mood. Pets are also beneficial for children as they can learn a lot from them. Roughly 68% of households in the U.S. have pets. 

Researchers are studying how animals might be influencing child development. They are studying the effects that interaction with animals have on children with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), alongside other neuropsychiatric, neurodevelopmental and psychological disorders. 

Animals serve us as resources of comfort, friendship, and support. Dogs are well known for having this type of therapeutic effect on their owners. Therapy with dogs is becoming more popular for hospitalized patients.

Dr. Ann Berger, physician, and researcher at NIH Clinical Centre in Bethesda, Maryland, says, ‘Dogs are very present. Suppose someone is struggling with something; they know how to sit there and be loved. Their attention is focused on the person all the time.’

Berger works with people with cancer and terminal sickness. She teaches them about mindfulness and helps to decrease their stress, anxiety, and helps them manage their pain.

Researchers are looking for safe ways to bring animals into the hospital setting. They don’t want them spreading germs to the vulnerable people in hospitals. Recently, they have been dedicating resources to improve the safety of bringing dogs to visit child cancer patient. During these trials the researchers will examine children’s hand after the visit to detect whether t any dangerous bacteria can be found on them. This will help them to conclude whether the visits are safe and if they can be used as a form of therapeutic relief in the long run. 

Many experts say that sharing bacteria with your dog can prevent the start of allergies, asthma, by strengthening our immune systems. Results from one study concludes that the level of immunoglobulin (an antibody that protects your gastrointestinal, respiratory, and urinary tracts from infection) increases with exposure to our pets. 

Considering the many health benefits we get from our pets, it’s reasonable to say that it’s high time we repaid them. Giving your dog rapamycin, a drug used in humans to prevent the body from rejecting transplanted organs and developing cancer, has shown to be very beneficial for promoting well being in dogs. 

Pets provide us with a tremendous amount of joy and happinesss, they enrich our lives. Having a pet secures a circle of love around you and your family. You and your pet share a very special and intimate bond. This dynamic human-animal relationship brings mutual benefits. 

Animals do not criticize or complain and really are the best companions. They play a significant role in promoting the well being of humans. Animals might not speak, but they can understand what you mean through nonverbal communication. They understand how you feel, and they are always by your side. 


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