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The Perfect Gifts For Cats & Cat Owners


Researchers say that people who cats are significantly more likely to be introverted than those without cats. Whether you have an audacious cat or a slothful kitty, falling in love with everything about your pet cat is natural for cat owners. Most cat-related things are very cute and appealing, and many of us cat lovers, we can never get enough. 

If you have a friend who is a cat lover you’re at wits ends trying to decide what to get them as a present, then I’m here to help you. Just have a look at the following gift ideas for your cat loving friends!

 The Cat Goodie Box by Chewy

Cat loves new toys and this goodie box from Chewy is a brilliant idea for making any cat happy. Chewy is an excellent company for pet-related items, they manufacture and sells all the top gifts and gadgets for your pets.

This Cat Goodie Box comes with numerous cat treats and toy and is only $23.99.

Flight of Catnip

Some cat owners love to make their own cat toys too. This Catnip comes in many different types including leaf flower, silver vine and fine ground. This Catnip flight is one of the most entertaining and perfect gifts to get them. This Catnip Flight from Litter box comes at only $15.

Personalized Stationery

This gift gives you the opportunity to personalize your own stationary. The Rifle Paper Co. allows you to customize all your sticky notes so you can add any images and text you want. This comes in at $65.

Robotic mouse

Cats love to chase things around, whether its a string, a laser or your rolled up socks, they love it!  Considering this, this robotic mouse toy is a clever option for a gift. It imitates all the movements of a real mouse, from darting across the room, pausing and staring and wigging its tail, your cat won’t know the difference.  The Hexbug Mouse Robotic Cat Toy from Chewy comes for $9.99 only.

Tired of Cleaning Up Fur? Get a Robot Vacuum!

If your friend is a pet owner is tired of cleaning up cat fur then this gadget would be a great addition to their pet wear. We all love our animals, but cleaning up after them can be a serious pain.. If you are in this position, you might want to consider getting this iRobot Roomba i7+ from Amazon for $799.99.

Denim Vests!

This adjustable denim vest that also works as a harness and comes with a matching leash. It fits perfectly around the cat’s torso, providing full support and independence of movement. It comes in different sizes. You can get the Ruri’s Cat Denim Jacket Harness Vest with a matching lead leash in a set from Amazon for $12.89.

Flower Fountain

We all know that cats love drinking water from running sources, we’ve seen it. Take a peek at this super cute flower fountain. It has over 18,000 reviews on Amazon. If your cat’s favourite place to drink water from a running source then you might consider treating your furry little friend by getting them this Cat Flower Fountain from Amazon for $27.99.

Infinite Shaped Lounge

If your friend’s cat is a lazy one that loves to take naps and scratch then this Infinite Shaped Lounge is the ideal gift of choice. It comes in very unique shape and is quite attractive home decor item that won’t compromise the sophistication of your living space, it’s also long-lasting. You can pick up the Pet Fusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge from Amazon for only $49.95.

Big Blanket

Are you tired of the black and uncharacteristic blanket options for your cat? Are you looking for a blanket that suits your cat’s individual personality? Then this Human Blanket might be the perfect item to solve your problem. 

Alternatively, it would make a great gift for your cat-loving friends! Get the Big Blanket for $149.

Self-cleaning Litter box

One of the worst parts about having a cat is having to scoop up their nasty litter. Everyone hates to do it, and rightly so. This is one of the costlier gift options but if the cat owners you have in mind really hate scooping litter then they will really fall in love with this Litter-Robot 3 Connect for $500.

Crafting With Cat Hairs

This great gift for cat lovers teaches them to be able to craft their own cat toys from their cat’s hair. It’s a great choice for those trying to cut back on spending.  Cat owners can spend their leisure time crafting with this gift.  It’s Crafting with Cat Hair and can be found on Amazon for just $9.71.

Tub of treats

Cats are obsessed with treats so this tub of soft, flavour filled treats from Amazon will get them out from there hiding spots. The Temptations Classic Crunchy and Soft Cat Treats for just $6.22.

Cat grass

Cats loves to do those things they just shouldn’t do, like scratching sofas or eating plants. This cat-friendly grass is organic and suitable for cats to eat. So, now they can chew this Cat grass and not get into to trouble for being naughty! The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass Grow kit with Planter from Chewy comes at $15.97.

Cat Tree

You cat won’t stop clawing the couch? Get this cat trees & condo for them to do their worst on! This Frisco 52- in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo from Chewy comes for only $52.99.

Da Bird

It is one of the best cat toys out there, it*s just a wand with a string tied at the end of the day but the cats go crazyfor it. Da Bird from Amazon is a great gift to present a cat lover. You can find it for only  $8.95.

Tower Toy

It is one of the more popular toys for cats. It comes with three track levels and moving balls that swirl around. This Pet Stage Cat Tracks toy from Amazon comes for only $10.99. It helps your cat to stay in one place but still get plenty of enjoyable playtime.

Versatile Cat Carriers

Having a pet and leaving them behind while you go out with the rest of the family to enjoy a trip or vacation is kind of mean. So, here is the something to work on a solution. Check out these versatile cat carriers, they come in two types. 

The Soft-sided which can be found on Amazon, come at around $164.99. The Hard-Sided can be found on Amazon for $31.99.

Sensitive teeth love treats

Something that may come as a surprise to you is that cats get dental problems too. Cats can have sensitive teeth just like us, unfortunately this doesn’t change anything about their love of treats. Here is the healthier tooth friendly option.

Catit Creamy Chicken & Liver Flavor Lickable Cat Treats comes for $17.99. 

Magical Chomchom

The Chomchom from Amazon comes at $24.95. This is a life-changing gadget for cat owners. It can remove hairs from clothes, furniture easily and effectively.  

Cat Coasters

people who love cat-themed decor this is one of the great gift choices for them. These coasters come four designs, you can buy it individually or this set of four. Get this Handmade Wool Felt Cat Coasters from Esty comes for $7.99.

To conclude, these were just some of suggestions for you to look at while considering what girt to buy for a cat or cat lover that you know!

I hope they were helpful, thanks for reading. 


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